Betting Odds For WNBA

Although nowhere near as popular as the NBA, basketball fans who just can’t get enough of the sport can wager on WNBA betting lines while the regular NBA is not in season. The Women’s National Basketball Association started in 1996 and features twelve teams, with the regular season starting in June and ending in September. Right in the middle of the regular season is the All Star Game, with the WNBA finals being held in late September and early October. This page will tell you everything you need to know about betting odds for WNBA games, including the differences between NBA and WNBA games, types of odds, and where to bet on the WNBA.

Differences Between NBA and WNBA Games

There are many major differences in rules and regulations between the NBA and the WNBA. For example, the WNBA regular season has only 32 games versus the NBA’s 82, and the WNBA has 12 teams instead of 30. Another difference is that each WNBA quarter is two minutes shorter (ten minutes instead of twelve) than NBA games. In addition, the ball is a little bit smaller and the three-point line is four feet closer, and the shot clock runs six seconds longer (30 seconds) than the NBA (24 seconds).

Betting On The WNBA

Most online sportsbooks offer lines on the WNBA, even though it is kind of an up and coming sport. In fact, some sports betting professionals, like Las Vegas handicapper Tim York, love to bet on the WNBA because smart bettors can make some real money on it. York estimates that much of his annual $100,000 earnings come from WNBA betting. Because oddsmakers largely ignore the sport, there is an opportunity for savvy bettors to see things that the bookies might miss. Some experts claim that the WNBA is tailor-made for serious sports betting professionals who are able to capitalize on the relative unpopularity of the sport. Bookmakers simply do not pay much attention to WNBA basketball, so sports betting professionals can bet on it without much interference.

WNBA Game Lines

Online sportsbooks offer WNBA fans the chance to bet on a variety of game lines. The three most common types are the moneyline, the point spread, and the over/under. Each of these game lines can be found at one of the awesome online sportsbooks that we recommend. We are now going to delve into each type of WNB game line a little more deeply.


This is a simple and easy bet on which team will win the game. Each team has a plus or negative number next to them, which tells you how much money you stand to win. Let’s say that the Phoenix Mercury’s moneyline odds are -210. This means that a wager of $210 will yield a profit of $100. Conversely, let’s say the Seattle Storm are at +150. This means that you will win $150 for every $100 that you bet.

Point Spread:

The point spread is a handicapping system that evens the odds for the bookmakers. The oddsmakers choose a favorite and an underdog team. The favorite team will have points taken away from their final score and given to the underdog. For example, if the New York Liberty have a spread of -7, this means that seven points will be deducted from their final score. On the other hand, if the Chicago Sky has a spread of +7, they will have points added to their final score. Bettors are more likely to put money on the underdog because of this.


Betting on the over/under is the same thing as betting on whether the total number of points scored by the two teams will be more or less than the oddsmaker’s predicted total. The negative or positive integer next to the over/under tells you how much money you stand to win.

WNBA Proposition Bets

A proposition bet, or prop, is a bet on an event that is peripherally related to the game and does not have any discernible effect on its outcome. Types of prop bets included team props, player props, and game props. Examples range from which team will score the most points in the last quarter, which player will score most three-point shots, whether or not the game will go into overtime, etc. There is virtually no end to the different types of proposition bets you can make. Prop bets provide the bettor the opportunity to break up the monotony of betting on the moneyline or the spread. Players like them because of their overall variety.

WNBA Futures Bets

A futures bet is a wager on any game that has not yet happened. Since the WNBA goes from May to October, any bets on WNBA games before those dates are technically futures bets. This gives bettors the opportunity to get an early start on the action. One reason why sports bettors like to bet on futures is because the odds are usually better, and players can win more money than if they wait until the season starts and the odds have been adjusted.

Best Sportsbooks For WNBA Betting

If you are looking for a quality online sportsbook that offers WNBA lines just like betting on NBA games, you have come to the right place. We have uncovered some really terrific betting sites that let you bet on your favorite WNBA teams. These sites are legal, safe, and legit. We have the utmost confidence that any of these online sportsbooks will meet all of your sports betting needs.


Since the WNBA season runs from May through October, the bookmakers might not have any odds posted until close to when the season starts. The odds will most likely be posted soon after the WNBA draft, so just keep checking your sportsbook.

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