NBA Against The Spread Standings

Hello and thank you for visiting the ATS Standings page. Here you will find all the latest information on the current ATS standings. In case you don’t already know, ATS is an acronym for “Against The Spread.” When players bet against the spread, what they are actually betting on is not who will win the game, but which team will be able to cover the point spread. The point spread is determined by the bookmakers, who review all the team and player statistics to determine an underdog and a favorite. For betting purposes, the underdog team gets extra points added to their score, while the favorite loses points. First, we will explain spread betting in greater detail. We will then tell you why ATS standings are so important when betting against the spread, and how to read NBA ATS standings. To cap it all off, we will tell you about some of our favorite online sportsbooks that offer against the spread standings for NBA teams.

Spread Betting Explained

The whole purpose of the point spread is so the bookmakers have an even number of bets on both sides of the line. Giving points to an underdog team provides a reason to bet on them. If you bet against the spread on the underdog, you are not betting on whether they will win the game outright, but rather on whether or not they will be able to cover the line. For example, if you bet on the Golden State Warriors as the favorites at -13, they will have to win by at least 14 points to cover the spread, because they will have 13 points deducted from their final score. However, if you bet on the Houston Rockets as the underdogs at +13, that means that if they lose by 12 points or less, they have covered the spread and you win the bet. It is possible for a push to occur, in which case you do not win or lose anything. This could happen if the Golden State Warriors win by exactly 13 points. Sometimes the bookmakers will add half a point to the spread, making a push impossible.

Why ATS Standings Are Important

By studying the ATS standings on this page, bettors will be able to figure out which team is more likely to be able to cover the spread. Since all of the spread history and statistics are right there to compare and contrast, ATS standings can really help you spot NBA trends. You will be able to see which teams have been doing well at covering the spread, and which teams have not been doing so great. In fact, it would probably be foolish to just pick a team without looking at the ATS standings first.

How To Read ATS Standings

The ATS standings feature breaks down the spread standings in several ways. The first is the overall ATS record, which is based on every game played throughout the season. You will also be able to view the home and away ATS standings, which break it down NBA schedules into games played in a team’s hometown and games played away from home. The last type of ATS standings you will see is the over/under, or totals. The first number corresponds to the number of games that went over the bookmaker’s predicted total number of points, while the second number corresponds to the number of games that ended up being under the bookmaker’s predicted total number of points.

Best Sportsbooks for NBA Betting

Bovada NBA Sportsbook

Seasoned sports betting fans love Bovada because of the wealth of information they provide. Bovada has been around for a very long time, and millions of players all across the US of A trust them to provide the most accurate NBA betting lines, statistics, and ATS standings on all kinds of sports, including NBA basketball. Signing up with Bovada is fast and easy, and you do not have to pay any annoying monthly fees, either. Players in all but just a few states are welcome to join.

One of the cool things about Bovada is that you can looks at the ATS, or “Against The Spread” standings for all the current NBA game lines. For those who like to bet against the spread, ATS standings are invaluable and can really make the difference between a winning and a losing bet. ATS standings tell you how many games each team has covered in the season. Anyone who is interested betting on NBA with point spreads would do well to study this information before making a wager. ATS standings provide you with great inside knowledge, and Bovada is accurate to a tee.

Take a Shot at Bovada NBA Sportsbook

One of the best online sportsbooks that has ATS standings is This site has been around longer than most of the other online betting sites…over 25 years now. More and more people are joining every single day. This is because no other site offers more handy and helpful features than this one. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in spades at It’s free, it’s easy, it features many trusted funding methods, plus bonuses and other extras.

One of the coolest things about is that you can view all the latest ATS standings. Point spread betting is becoming more popular than ever these days, and the ATS standings give you the very latest information on how each team is doing against the spread for the season. You can compare and contrast which teams are consistently covering the spread and which teams are not. This is crucial information for determining which team you want to put your money on. makes point spread betting fun and easy by providing handy tools like ATS standings for your benefit.

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