Schedules For NBA Teams

There are many different factors to take into consideration when betting on NBA teams. Professional bettors look at the averages, percentages, totals, and other statistics for each team. They also look at the individual team schedules. On this page, you will be able to view the NBA team schedules for the entire season. This will prove to be an invaluable resource the next time you wat to bet on NBA basketball.

All the most current information on NBA team schedules will posted right here on this page. This includes the date and time for every single game played by each of the 30 NBA teams, as well as the scores for the games that have already been played. We will go into detail on how to use the team schedule later on. For now, though, rest assured that you have come to the right place for all the latest schedules for NBA teams.

When you want to make the best bet possible, you have to do some planning. If you know the full schedule in advance, you will have an easier time of choosing which teams to back and which games to wager on. One smart thing to do is to go down the list of matchups and find the ones that you think will work out in your team’s favor. This is one way that professional sports bettors make money on NBA betting. Even if you are a sports betting newbie, it is a good idea to at least know what the matchups will be. You want to make sure that you do not miss a good game. Just keep checking this page throughout the season.

On a side note, you will not see any matchups during the summer, because there are no NBA games going on then. In fact, you will most likely not see the schedules for the upcoming NBA season until late August or early September. There are many matchups to come up with, so it takes quite a while. Once the schedules are all set in stone, however, they will be posted here immediately.

Why NBA Team Schedules Are Important

Making sure you have all the latest info on NBA team schedules is vital when it comes to placing your bets. Otherwise, you are a blind person walking into traffic. It is never a good idea to just pick a random matchup and back a side. You need to do research, and that includes team schedules. As an example, if your team has a seven-game winning streak, it stands to reason that they are a good team to put money on. If, on the other hand, your team has suffered heavy losses during the season, the odds are against them, especially if they are facing off against a team on a heavy winning streak. You can glean a lot about a team’s chances of winning just by looking at their current schedule.

How To Use The NBA Schedule

At the top right-hand corner of the game log, you will see a drop down box that lists each of the thirty NBA teams. Click on any one of them to see their full roster for the season. Starting on the left, you will see the date of the game, followed by who they are playing. Next will be the score (for games that have already occurred), their ATS (against the spread) standings, and their over/under. One of the coolest things about the schedule feature is the recap link, which gives you the highlights of the game, such as who was leading by half for halftime betting, who scored the most points, which team covered the spread, etc. The games that have already happened are highlighted in grey, and the games yet to be played are highlighted in pink.

Best Online Sportsbooks For NBA Betting

Ever since online sports betting became the dominant way for people to wager, there has been an influx of betting sites on the web. Many of these sites are sketchy, and probably should not be trusted. Fortunately, a few sites are totally on the level. We have spent lots of time testing out these sites, and we can report in all honesty that they meet every single one of our rigorous criteria. Without any further ado, we give you our favorite online sportsbooks for NBA betting.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada will always be on any short list of the best online sportsbooks for American players. This is because, first and foremost, they have a reputation of quality and excellence that goes above and beyond the realm of expectation. I’m not just talking about the basic features, like betting lines and odds types. I’m talking about everything from customer service to funding methods, bonus opportunities to convenience and portability. Trust me, there is no better online sportsbook that gives you this much bang for your buck.

Making a bet on NBA basketball is a cinch at Bovada. First, you will want to study the NBA team schedules and statistics before you back a team. Next, you will have to have money in your account before you make a bet. When you are finally ready to make an NBA wager, you can use Bovada’s bet slip (one of my favorite features of the site) to help you calculate how much you need to risk in order to win your desired amount. The bet slip works for both moneyline, point spread, and totals betting. You can even select more than one game line at a time, combining different lines and trying unique wager types like parlays and round robins!

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5Dimes Sportsbook

While some online sportsbooks are all flash and no content, 5Dimes is kind of the opposite. While you will not find much in the way of snazzy graphics, what you will find is a sportsbook loaded with awesome features. I’m talking about things you will not find anywhere else, like reduced juice and great customer service. 5Dimes offers many great options when it comes to deposit and payout methods, everything from credit/debit cards to bank transfers to e-wallet services.

If I had to pick just one thing about 5Dimes that makes it great, I would have to choose the aforementioned reduced juice bonus. Serious sports bettors know that the juice (or interest, for those of you who don’t know) is usually around ten percent. At 5Dilmes, you will be able to take advantage of reduced juice, which cuts the interest down to just five percent. The great thing about reduced juice is that it is a lifetime bonus, meaning you can keep on using it as many times as you want. This will save you a lot of money in the long run, I guarantee you. Reduced juice is the default bonus for all new members, so be sure that you take advantage of it.

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