NBA Halftime Betting Lines

The typical online sportsbook lets you bet on a variety of facets of the game, including individual quarters and halves. Rather than just betting on the outcome of an NBA game, some players would rather bet on specific parts. Halftime betting simply means betting on the second half of the game. This page will shine a light on NBA halftime betting lines and why players like them. You will also find some information on this page about a few of our favorite, most trusted online sportsbook that off NBA halftime lines.

Why Players Like NBA Halftime Betting Lines

Betting on the second half of the game gives smart players a real edge, because they have the foresight of seeing how the game has progressed during the first half. Players can then make a smart and informed bet based on the knowledge they have about the first two quarters. Halftime is when the oddsmakers regroup and set the odds for the remaining half of the game. It is a good opportunity for bettors to consider whom they want to back during the second half. You can bet that the NBA 2nd half odds will fluctuate, and a heavy favorite during the first half might be an underdog by halftime, and vice versa. Basketball is different from, say, football because there is much more scoring overall, and things can change with the drop of a hat. It moves at a faster pace, and the odds change more rapidly. This is a plus for bettors learning how to bet on the NBA who enjoy pacier type of betting.

Another reason that players like halftime betting is it gives them the chance to hedge their bets. Let’s say you made a bet on the over for the Lakers, which would probably be a big mistake, seeing as they are at the very bottom of the Western Conference standings. But whatever, it’s Kobe Bryant’s last game and you say, “What the hell, I’ll take the over,” which happens to be 194 points. Well, by halftime, if it looks like the Lakers aren’t going to be able to score anywhere near that many points, you can make a second bet on the under. This is called hedging your bet, and it is a smart thing to do when it looks like your team is going to lose. One winning bet cancels out the losing bet, and you break even. You are only down as far as the juice you have to pay your bookmaker.

Betting On The Favorite Versus The Underdog

It can be hard to tell whom to bet on simply based on the line set by the oddsmakers. The whole point of what they are doing is to have an even number of bets on both sides. To do this, they may try to draw bettors away from one side by skewing the line in favor of the underdog, especially if the favorite looks like they are going to win. One of the major reasons why people like halftime betting is because they gain a slight edge over the bookies. If a person is smart, they will look at the actual numbers to determine who to back. For example, a favored team might be losing by halftime, but many people will bet on them anyway simply because they are the favorites and it is assumed that they will make a comeback. Sometimes going against public opinion is a smart move. With NBA halftime lines, the player has several sources of information from which to draw: the score up to the halfway point, the tide of popular opinion, and the odds set by the bookmakers.

Ways To Bet On NBA Halftime Lines

There are all sorts of ways to bet on the second half of an NBA game. A straight moneyline bet on the second half is the easiest type. It is just a bet on who will win the second half of the game. Another common way to bet is on the over/under. This is also known as a totals bet, and it is a wager on the combined number of points scored by the two teams. What you are actually betting on is how much higher or lower the total will be as compared to the predicted total set by the bookmaker. Point spread betting is also very common for betting on NBA. The spread is a handicap created by the bookies in order to get an even number of bets for both teams. To this, they give points to the underdog and subtract points from the favorite. For example, if the Memphis Grizzlies are the underdogs but have a spread of +16, it means that they will have 16 points added to their score. People will obviously be more willing to put money on the underdog if they know they will receive an additional 16 points. Interestingly enough, the underdog team could lose the actual game but still win because of the wide spread.

Live NBA Halftime Betting At The Playoffs

The NBA playoffs are an exciting time for basketball fans. The regular season lasts about six months, with 82 games being played in total. The NBA Playoffs are the culmination of the long and grueling season, the end result of which is the NBA Finals, where the winner will be decided. Halftime betting on the Playoffs is a ton of fun, because there is a lot riding on each game. You can get an edge over the bookies by betting on the halftime lines after the first two quarters of the game. Most quality sportsbooks allow you to do this. In addition, most sportsbooks include a feature called “live betting,” which lets you stream the game as it is happening, complete with frequently updated odds. There is no need to switch between your computer and your TV, because everything you need is in one place. Since basketball is such a fast-paced sport with tons of scoring opportunities, it is important that you pay close attention if you want to make a smart wager. Live betting is the way to go when you want to bet halftime lines at the NBA playoffs.

Best Sportsbooks That Feature Halftime Betting On The NBA

There are some terrific online sportsbooks that let you bet on NBA halftime lines. While not all betting sites are trustworthy, the ones that we recommend most certainly are. We have tried out many online sportsbooks over the years, so we know exactly what to look for. Things like variety, ease of use, good customer service, ability to get money in and out of your account…these are all things that are important. When you factor in bonuses, live in-game play, and mobile betting, you start to get an idea of what a good, well-rounded online sportsbook should like for. Below are a few of our favorite picks.

Best Sportsbooks for NBA Betting

Bovada NBA Sportsbook

When betting fans are discussing their favorite online betting sites, Bovada is one site that nearly always comes up in conversation. It is one of the most popular sites for sports and casino betting, and it has been around for at least two decades. At Bovada, you can bet on any of two dozen sports, including the NBA. You have about a dozen different wager types at your disposal as well, everything from straight bets to round robins. You can bet on the moneyline, the over/under, the spread…there really is no limit.

Speaking of no limit, basketball fans can bet on the NBA halftime lines at Bovada if they so desire. Betting on an NBA game at halftime can give you a real edge over the bookmakers, because you have been able to see how the game has progressed up to the halfway point. It is also the point at which the bookmakers update the odds. Betting the second half gives you a much better chance of winning your bet. There are all kinds of ways to bet on the NBA halftime line, including the moneyline, the over/under, and the point spread. So sign up with Bovada today and get the edge on the competition.

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5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is one of our favorite online sportsbooks because it has so much variety and offers so many exciting features and benefits. It is a legal site based out of Costa Rica that is geared primarily toward American players. Sports bettors in the US are lucky to have access to an online sportsbook that so many things going for it. 5Dimes has a variety of easy deposit and payout methods, a plethora of wager and odds types covering all team schedules, the friendliest customer service around, and an exquisite selection of bonuses and promotions.

You can bet on any of your favorite sports, including NBA basketball. Instead of wagering on outcome of the entire game, you can bet on just the second half. Many NBA fans do this, because it is easier to predict whom the winner will be based on how the game has gone during the first half. Going into a bet with that knowledge and foresight gives you a certain edge, and often works in your favor. This fast-paced style of betting is not for everybody, but for serious sports betting fans, it might be just what you are looking for.

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