Guide To Betting On NBA Games

The NBA is one of the most popular sports today, and each season, Betting on the NBA becomes increasingly popular. The sport features top athletes from countries all over the globe, creating the NBA's worldly appeal. The 30 teams that make up the NBA, play a grueling NBA team schedules totaling 82 games. Each team competes week in, and week out, for the top prize in the league, a world championship. The long regular season allows bettors to become familiar with teams, and gain a sense of knowledge when it comes to wagering on the NBA. The relationship developed is an important factor between the bettor, and the type of bet being placed.

As with many sports, there are a range of bets that can be placed on the NBA during the regular season, and throughout the playoffs. The most simple of which is the money-line wager or simply taking the bets recommended by the NBA betting trends. For bettors disinterested in picking the game based on the spread of the game, this type of bet is for you. This bet is won by picking the outcome of the game based upon the NBA scores or simply who will win the game straight up. Now, the wager must be greater to collect winnings, but this bet is the most basic of straight bets.

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Odds To Win The NBA Championship This Season

We can hardly wait for the 2012-2013 NBA season to tip off and we've been really looking at the betting odds to win the title this season. All the teams you would expect to be near the top of the list are there but you can probably find some great value further down the list. In fact, once you get out of the top 3, teams really start paying well but right now you can still get better than 2 to 1 on the Heat which is pretty good. You have to expect them to at least play in the Eastern Conference Finals. Take a look below or visit Bovada for the latest odds to win the 2012-2013 NBA title.

Odds To Win 2012-2013 NBA Championship As Found At Bovada
  • Miami Heat 12/5
  • Boston Celtics 12/1
  • Los Angeles Clippers 25/1
  • Indiana Pacers 30/1
  • Dallas Mavericks 40/1
  • Houston Rockets 100/1
  • Portland Trailblazers 125/1
  • Orlando Magic 150/1
  • Phoenix Suns 200/1
  • Toronto Raptors 250/1
  • Los Angeles Lakers 11/4
  • Chicago Bulls 16/1
  • Brooklyn Nets 28/1
  • Memphis Grizzlies 35/1
  • Philadelphia 76ers 40/1
  • Minnesota T'wolves 100/1
  • Golden State Warriors 150/1
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 200/1
  • Detroit Pistons 250/1
  • Washington Wizards 250/1
  • OKC Thunder 17/4
  • San Antonio Spurs 16/1
  • Denver Nuggets 28/1
  • New York Knicks 35/1
  • Atlanta Hawks 75/1
  • Utah Jazz 100/1
  • Milwaukee Bucks 150/1
  • N.O. Hornets 200/1
  • Sacramento Kings 250/1
  • Charlotte Bobcats 500/1

Click On Banner To Bet Odds

Click On Banner To Bet Odds

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is one of the very best, and most popular online Sportsbooks when it comes to placing bets on NBA betting odds. They anchor a number of available betting options for both the regular season, and the playoffs. BetOnline features straight wagers, Prop bet, and futures, all which cater to the NBA Sports Betting population. All players with BetOnline will receive a 25 percent match on your deposits up to $900 free on every deposit! For all things relating to Betting on NBA matchups, BetOnline Sportsbook will have everything you could possibly want to bet on. Visit BetOnline

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is one of the pioneers in the online Sportsbook industry, and has been around for over a decade. They are one of the most trusted, and best in the market. For all your NBA betting odds, Bovada has you covered for all games on NBA schedules. They offer a multitude of wagering options, from ATS, over/under, prop betting, quarter-lines and futures. Bovada offers a sign-up bonus where, new members will receive a 50 percent cash bonus on any amount over $20 on your initial deposit. There is a $250 cap to this cash bonus! If you're one who loves the NBA, Bovada is for you. Visit Bovada

Sites For Betting NBA Games NBA Sports Betting Bonuses Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 50% - $250 Visit
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% - $900 Visit 25% - $900 Visit
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% Up To $200 Visit
Bet365 - No USA 100% - $200 Visit

NBA Betting Lines

The main type of NBA betting lines is an ATS wager. Prior to each match up, oddsmakers install a favorite and an underdog in the game, by establishing a spread. The NBA ATS standings will do wonders when trying to determine who will be the winner of the game as they give all results of a particular team as they have performed against the spread.

WNBA Betting Lines

Because the WNBA is officially affiliated with the NBA, we also offer WNBA betting lines for that point in the year. The WNBA runs when no other basketball league does therefore it is the only betting action on basketball during the summer. Learn more about betting on NBA games with women by visiting our page and getting the latest betting lines.

Quarter Line NBA Bets

NBA quarter betting lines are another betting option when wagering on the NBA. These lines are established by each of the four quarters of an NBA game, relating to the score. A bet can be placed to predict who will be ahead during each quarter of the game. The lines for these wagers are made available up until the tip off of the match up.

1st Half & Halftime Betting

Similar to the quarter lines, NBA 1st half betting lines and NBA halftime betting lines are available to place as well.  This type of wager is made based upon who you believe will be leading by halftime of a particular game. Commonly found at leading sportsbooks, players love the quick action of these bets.

NBA Prop Bets

Take advantage of the prop bets made available by National Basketball Association betting. Propositions in the NBA can include NBA player prop betting lines & NBA team prop betting lines. These bets don't typically include wagering the outcome of the game, just stats from teams or players.

NBA Futures

NBA future betting lines are also a key betting line when it comes to Wagering on the NBA. Prior to each season, odds makers establish the chances of each team to win the NBA championship, and assign odds to each. Often, Future Bets are the most popular choice of wagering when on NBA Odds.

These are just a few resources that you should use when betting on the NBA, whether you are betting online or at a Vegas sportsbook. We suggest that you do your homework and consider it a job when you are gambling. It is supposed to be fun, but you should also be very disciplined if you are wanting to this to be profitable.