Live Betting On NBA Games

As technology has improved, so have online sportsbooks. Whereas in the early days of internet betting sites special features were rather limited, now there are a ton of awesome extras that you can try out. One such feature is live betting. Players have the option to watch their favorite games live and in real time and bet on them at the same time. If interactivity is the wave of the future, get ready, because the future is already here. Live wagering lets players bet on all sorts of different betting lines, all the while watching as the game unfolds. Everything is right there on the screen in front of you, so there’s no longer any need to switch off between watching the game on your TV and betting on your computer. This page will familiarize you with some of the wonderful features of live betting. It contains detailed information on betting lines, plus specific sportsbooks that we love.

Live NBA Betting Odds Types

Live betting includes a number of different ways to bet on NBA basketball. In general, we can divide these betting odds into three different categories: game lines, prop bets, and futures bets. We are now going to go into detail about each of these types. Although not all sportsbooks offer all these betting odds types at all times, you can generally expect to find these three categories at most sportsbooks.

NBA Game Lines

There are many types of game lines that you can wager on with live betting, the most common of which is the moneyline. This is simply a bet on who will win the game, and the positive or negative numbers reflect how much money you stand to win versus how much you have to bet in order to win it. Another common way to bet is on the point spread, in which the underdog get points added to their final score, and the favorites get points subtracted from theirs. Point spread betting provides a reason to bet on the underdog, as it is possible for you to win a moneyline bet even if your team loses the game. Another popular way to bet is on the over/under. This is also called totals betting, and it is a wager on the total number of points scored by the two teams. You can also bet on quarter line totals, half line totals, and more.

NBA Prop Bets

Prop bets are also known as proposition bets. They are bets on aspects of the game not specifically related to the outcome. Prop bets can be made on all kinds of different facets of the game, such as scoring, shots made or shots missed, rebounds, etc. Two main prop bet sub categories are team props and player props. Team props have to do with the how a team does as a whole, whereas player props are based on individual player performance. An example of a team prop bet would be whether a certain team misses the next shot, or the next three shots, etc. A player prop example would be whether a certain player scores a certain number of baskets during a certain quarter. There is a never-ending variety when it comes to prop bets.

NBA Futures Bets

Whenever you are betting on a game that has not happened yet, it is an example of a futures bet. For example, if you put money on the Cavs to win the NBA Championship, and you bet halfway through the regular NBA season, you are making a futures bet. People like to bet on futures because they can get better odds by wagering early. Of course, the odds change after every game, meaning futures odds are in a constant state of fluctuation. If you have a good feeling about your favorite team but their odds aren’t so good, betting on them early can net you some good money, because although the odds will change, your bet is locked in and will stay the same. Let’s say you bet on the Utah Jazz when their odds are +100,000. If by the end of the season they have moved into a top spot, you stand to make a lot of money.

Live Betting On The NBA Playoffs

The Playoffs are the end-all be-all of NBA basketball. More people bet on the NBA Playoffs than on any other NBA game during the year. There are multiple games happening every single day, and the odds are changing faster than a speeding bullet. You can stay on top of the very latest NBA Playoff odds with live betting. Stream all your favorite games in real time, watch instant replays of the action, see the odds change after every commercial break, and view all the betting lines right there in your browser window. The geniuses who came up with live betting sure knew what the future of internet wagering would look like. It’s fast, it’s here, it’s now, and it’s the best way to bet on the NBA Playoffs!

Best Online Sportsbooks That Offer Live Betting

These days, all of the top online sites for betting on NBA games have their own form of live betting. People want convenience and interactivity when it comes to their online wagering experience. Live betting is an increasingly popular way to bet on sports, and the terrific sites listed below provide players the opportunity to bet interactively on all the best NBA action. These sites include live broadcasts of the game, recaps, updated odds, and much more. Each one of these sites features the very best of what modern technology has to offer.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline has come a long way since its debut in 1991. Twenty-five years ago, it was leading the path to a revolutionary new way to bet on sports via the internet. Now, all these years later, BetOnline is better and more interactive than ever before. Millions of people have already discovered the thrill of online wagering at BetOnline, and now you can too. There is no cost to sign up, nothing to download, no contract to fulfill…the only requirement is that you fulfill your state’s betting age requirement.

Once you have joined BetOnline, you can start using all of their great extra features, our favorite of which is live betting. If you have never used an online sportsbook to wager on the NBA, now is the perfect time, because live betting is better than ever! You can sign in directly from BetOnline’s mobile sportsbook page and gain access to the largest selection of odds and wager types you will ever be likely to find. You can watch the game via live steaming, and you can see the latest odds posted after every commercial break. Live betting takes all the elements of the online betting experience and combines them in one place, making it the ultimate in convenience and interactivity.

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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada online sportsbook has been a leader in the industry for more than twenty years. Since the mid-‘90s, Bovada has grown into a multibillion dollar industry, with millions of loyal customers counting themselves as satisfied members. There are many reasons why Bovada is at the top of their game: a mélange of great deposit and payout methods that make transferring money to and from your account a piece of cake; a nice selection of bonuses that will save you bundles of money; and technologically sophisticated new features like mobile betting and, most spectacularly, live in-game betting.

The way most people bet in the 21st century is by live in-game betting. Because of this awesome new technology, you have access to all the tools you need to make your NBA wagers, all right there on one screen. Stream the game live as the action unfolds; watch recaps of the plays that you missed; view the latest odds, conveniently updated every few minutes to reflect the changing nature of the game; place a wide variety of bets, everything from a multitude of game lines to props and futures. Once you have experienced the thrill of live betting at Bovada, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

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5Dimes Sportsbook

Any knowledgeable sports betting fan knows that 5Dimes is one of the greatest online betting sites of all time. No matter what sports you like to bet on, 5Dimes has you covered. NBA basketball fans in particular love 5Dimes because of the variety of betting lines they have on everything from regular season NBA games to playoff matches and, of course, the NBA Championship. 5Dimes gives you access to one of the best bonuses around, reduced juice, plus renowned customer service and thrilling extras.

One of coolest features at 5Dimes is live in-game betting. Any member can use this free special feature. What it does is give you the opportunity to watch your favorite NBA games live and streaming, while at the same time being able to place wagers on your teams. The odds are as current as can be, with updates every 15 or 20 minutes. There are plenty of actions to bet on, from the outcome of the game to individual team and player props. You can even watch game highlights in case you missed an important play. Live betting is more than just the hottest new trend in online sports betting. Try it today free of charge at 5Dimes!

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